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Ok, everyone on a real note. I’m being sued by a merch company due to Decoder debt. I am facing the criminal charge of grand theft due to a totally of 1900 dollars being due, and could face up to 3 years in prison, or garnished wages, which would not allow me to sustain life. The bill was originally 3400 and I’ve personally with money out of my pocket got it down to 1900. Times are extremely hard for everyone right now, including myself. I am not begging for money nor looking for sympathy, just maybe a helping hand or an encouraging notion. If everyone of my friends on here gave even just .25 cents, I would be way beyond my goal. So if your feeling generous please share this with friends - my paypal is - - Thank You all! - Jack Burns - Please reblog!
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Decoder — The Horrid

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Sound Check Magazine: Decoder Change Name


Decoder have changed their name to Lead Hands due to member changes and a lawsuit. The band has also added two new members. You can read a message from the band below.

Alright everyone here it is. As of today our band is now under the name LEAD HANDS. Due to member changes and a lawsuit…

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